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Tank :

ọdọ mmiri, ọdọ, mmiri esite, nsogbu n'obi mgbe niile, esite, akpa, awụnye, ụlọ ahịa

ụlọ ahịa

tanktankedtankaụgbọ mmiri tankertankfultankfulstankingtanks
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Definitions of tank in English
Noun(1) an enclosed armored military vehicle; has a cannon and moves on caterpillar treads(2) a large (usually metallic(3) as much as a tank will hold(4) a freight car that transports liquids or gases in bulk(5) a cell for violent prisoners
Verb(1) store in a tank by causing (something(2) consume excessive amounts of alcohol(3) treat in a tank
Examples of tank in English
(1) the cars stopped to tank up(2) If so, he will not be as quick with a fuller tank of fuel come the first race.(3) The rainwater falling on the rooftop, which acts as the catchment area, is directed to the storage tank with the help of specially made channels using PVC pipes.(4) No, but while some teams choose to tank , others have a tanked season forced upon them.(5) After wiping mud from the fish she put it on its side in a tank of water and soon enough it was swimming around.(6) I got thrown in once when I was underage, not to eventful though...tried to get a cop to drive me home, he said sure and drove me straight to the tank .(7) As you can see from the figure below, the baffle extends to the top of the tank , and the liquid passes through holes below the water line.(8) And I always tried my best; I wouldn't tank matches.(9) Dot-coms may tank , but the empty offices they leave behind don't look quite as ugly.(10) But remember, a full tank of fuel costs Ôö¼├║77 and lasts just over 300 miles.(11) the trucks all had a full tank of gasoline(12) After spinning out in Saturday's qualifying, he would have started in the back of the pack anyway, so his team gave his car a fresh engine and a full tank of fuel as soon as the race started.(13) Yesterday evening, when I'd recovered from the journey, I went over to Minehead for provisions and to tank up the car.(14) The fuel tank still contained gasoline and the majority of rubber hoses and other rubber items were in such condition that they could be reused if wanted.(15) "Let's go down to the town, tank the car up, get some flowers for your mother, and have lunch in MacDonald's".(16) The first story is about a young Clownfish named Nemo who gets captured from his home in the ocean and wants to escape the domesticated captivity of a fish tank and find his way back to the sea.
Related Phrases of tank
(1) tank top ::
tank n'elu
(2) fish tank ::
azụ tank
(3) fuel tank ::
mmanụ ụgbọala tank
(4) water tank ::
mmiri tank
(5) septic tank ::
septic tank
(6) storage tank ::
nchekwa tank
(7) oil tank ::
mmanụ tank
(8) oxygen tank ::
oxygen tank
(9) think tank ::
na-eche tank
1. container ::
2. aquarium ::
3. armored vehicle ::
armored ụgbọala
4. storage tank ::
nchekwa tank
5. armoured combat vehicle ::
armored ọgụ ụgbọala
7. tank car ::
tank ụgbọ ala
Different Forms
tank, tanked, tanker, tankers, tankful, tankfuls, tanking, tanks
Word Example from TV Shows
He was just wondering
if he wore skintight jeans and a tank top...

He was just wondering if he wore skintight jeans and a TANK top...

The Big Bang Theory Season 2, Episode 14

Palermo! Palermo!\NThey're coming with a tank.

Palermo! Palermo!
They're coming with a TANK.

Money Heist Season 3, Episode 8

...the Thai food, the tank of gas,
the frozen yogurt and your rent...

...the Thai food, the TANK of gas, the frozen yogurt and your rent...

The Big Bang Theory Season 4, Episode 2

It's a tank truck.

It's a TANK truck.

Money Heist Season 3, Episode 6

Ought to be enough in the tank
to last the winter.

Ought to be enough in the TANK to last the winter.

Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 15

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