English to Igbo Meaning of sustain - akwadokwa

Sustain :

ịnọgide na-enwe, akwadokwa, na-esochi, jide, anọgide, chebe, -ata, na-ata ahụhụ, ibuga, ebu, ịtachi obi, ibu, agabiga, anabata, boi, ijido, akwụsị, iri, dịgide, enwe, rue

akwadokwaububoẹkama-enye umeakwagide
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Definitions of sustain in English
Verb(1) lengthen or extend in duration or space(2) undergo (as of injuries and illnesses(3) provide with nourishment(4) supply with necessities and support(5) be the physical support of; carry the weight of(6) admit as valid(7) establish or strengthen as with new evidence or facts
Examples of sustain in English
(1) This requires a rethinking of power and reliability options - ones that can sustain operations for extended periods.(2) We frame our analysis in terms that include both populations of constant size and populations that sustain periods of growth followed by population bottlenecks.(3) They expect these very property owners to toe the line to strengthen and sustain their internal revenue streams.(4) It was part if the prosecution process in that the carrying on of the prosecution was attempting to sustain the conviction obtained.(5) Tests on cadavers prove that bones in the hand are not strong enough to sustain a body's weight.(6) Now, with all due respect, as I understand it, it is the Court's role to ultimately sustain justice in all cases that are before the Court.(7) The nostalgia's great, I'm loving experiencing it, but my feelings for Queen of the South won't sustain me in the supporters' eyes.(8) I kiss my shoes goodbye as we slide into the bridge rail not strong enough to sustain the weight of a white stretch limo bearing serial rented cardboard shoes.(9) Admittedly the film's premise is barely enough to sustain its 100-minute running time, but this film is as much brains as it is heart.(10) The movies need stars and the stars need movies, but to sustain the financial weight of star casting, a film must be geared to the widest possible audience.(11) Rather, it was the ability of the floor to sustain the weight of the artifacts that dictated the design.(12) To understand this issue we develop a simple scale argument to see how the moments needed to oscillate a wing or fin compare to those needed to sustain the weight of an animal or produce thrust.(13) Umbrellas is so obviously a fantasy that the story can sustain the weight and still float effortlessly.(14) In Singapore, analysts said Japan's economic continuity is crucial to sustain economic recovery in the region.(15) The traditional view of sauropods was that they were barely able to sustain their own weight and therefore lived in swamps.(16) There is a strong body of economic thought that says cutting taxes when a government is running such a healthy budget surplus is the best way to sustain economic growth.
Related Phrases of sustain
(1) sustain life ::
1. bear ::
2. comfort ::
nkasi obi
3. continue ::
4. nourish ::
5. undergo ::
6. uphold ::
7. support ::
8. nurture ::
9. keep up ::
10. corroborate ::
11. get ::
12. maintain ::
ịnọgide na-enwe
Different Forms
sustain, sustainable, sustained, sustaining, sustains
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