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Small :

obere, tọrọ, inyinya, kemfe, ìhè, nkịtị, gịrịgịrị, Mpekarị, ala, ole na ole, n'okpuru, ntakịrị, warara, mma, mkpa, ogbenye, pụtara, ọjọọ, awụkwa akpata oyi, ọzọ, mkpagide, isi, na-adịghị ike, agụghị oké, na-arịa ọrịa, adịkwaghị ike, ifenti, mfe, usụhọde, aghụghọ, nụchara anụcha, ebelatawo, roly-poli, nkeji, dabere gbasiri, ọnụ ala, ụfọdụ, nwayọọ, adụ, nsọpụrụ, isi-obi, adịchaghị mkpa, ịbụ, sekọndrị

oberentakasị ntasmallishsmallnesssmalls
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Definitions of small in English
Noun(1) the slender part of the back(2) a garment size for a small person
Adjective(1) limited or below average in number or quantity or magnitude or extent, or small(2) relatively moderate, limited, or small(3) (of children and animals(4) slight or limited; especially in degree or intensity or scope(5) low or inferior in station or quality(6) lowercase(7) (of a voice(8) have fine or very small constituent particles(9) not large but sufficient in size or amount(10) made to seem smaller or less (especially in worth
Adverb(1) on a small scale
Examples of small in English
(1) Also take a small amount of paper money as well, for taxis from the airport and so forth.(2) Districts should receive a small amount of money for each child who participates.(3) All in all he harboured only minor concerns, and these occupied only a small part of him as a whole.(4) Rosie was speaking in a small voice, turning back to the floor as they made their way out the school building.(5) she'll get a small grant(6) While they were out on one particular date he forced entry and stole a small amount of money.(7) Another example might be the recent kidnapping and murder of two small girls in a village in England.(8) If these proposals go ahead they're going to hit small businesses hard.(9) I understand you're planning an event aimed at owners of small businesses this week.(10) From the mustard seeds thrown along the path by Vidyapati, small plants had grown.(11) he bought it for a small fee(12) Other parents said the small class sizes helped their children with their academic achievements.(13) He has been included as a party only because there was a small amount of money involved from his point of view.(14) The only small and minor complaint I have is the gravity of the situation to which the response given is.(15) They sat there, like a young mother and her small child, happy and content just to be together.(16) It's a small problem affecting a trivial number of people who effectively choose to be affected.
Related Phrases of small
(1) small talk ::
obere okwu na
(2) very small ::
(3) too small ::
oke obere
(4) small intestine ::
obere eriri afọ
(5) small business ::
obere azụmahịa
(6) small amount ::
obere ego
(7) a small ::
a obere
(8) small size ::
obere size
(9) small house ::
obere ụlọ
1. little ::
2. short ::
3. slight ::
4. inadequate ::
erughị eru
5. foolish ::
6. small-scale ::
obere-ọnụ ọgụgụ
7. lowly ::
enweghị ka ọ hà
8. modest ::
obi umeala
9. minor ::
1. big ::
2. biggish ::
3. considerable ::
4. goodly ::
5. grand ::
6. great ::
7. handsome ::
8. husky ::
9. large ::
10. substantial ::
11. tidy ::
12. whacking ::
13. whopping ::
Different Forms
small, smaller, smallest, smallish, smallness, smalls
Word Example from TV Shows
The Small Council meeting
has been postponed on the king's orders.

The Small Council meeting has been postponed on the king's orders.

Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 4

I would also invite you
to sit on the Small Council

I would also invite you to sit on the Small Council

Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 3

Ariadna, darling, please, can you pass me\Nthat small red folder?

Ariadna, darling, please, can you pass me
that SMALL red folder?

Money Heist Season 1, Episode 11

We have this small baby.

We have this SMALL baby.

Money Heist Season 3, Episode 4

No, Fig Newtons are named
after a small town in Massachusetts.

No, Fig Newtons are named after a SMALL town in Massachusetts.

The Big Bang Theory Season 3, Episode 10

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