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Payola :

aka, ngarị, onyinye

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Definitions of payola in English
Noun(1) a bribe given to a disc jockey to induce him to promote a particular record
Examples of payola in English
(1) What payola 's moralizing critics failed, and still fail, to grasp is that the music industry has always felt itself a victim, and not the perpetrator, of the system.(2) They have to believe that we would reject payola in any form.(3) if a record company spends enough money on payola, it can make any record a hit(4) But the media has long since been corrupted by a far more sophisticated, legal system of payola and influence peddling.(5) Now for the past 50 years, we have done everything we could to get music on the radio, including at one time payola .(6) Average payola in dollars paid by record companies to US commercial radio stations to add a song to a playlist: 1,000(7) But according to one of Derek's commentors, payola is even more pervasive in Europe.(8) Is payola so widespread and successful in the radio industry that it must then also be the lubricant that greases our health machine?(9) I suppose that the very fact that payola is illegal acknowledges the power of the media, even if, in this case, it is a simple matter of taste-making for financial gain.(10) Labels sidestep payola laws by hiring independent promoters to lobby and compensate radio stations for playing certain records.(11) There were a lot of good records in those days, but no one paid enough payola to get them played at the time.(12) Granted, this opens up the service to the type of payola that haunts the radio industry.(13) The book does have a dark edge, exposing the shady business deals, tales of payola , and personal dramas.(14) Artists and publishers have incentives to engage in payola because copyrights allow them to collect rent on each song played or record sold.(15) Some economists have suggested we were better off in the age of payola .(16) Similarly, his worries about drugs, payola , and other perils of the music industry prompted him to sell RCA Records too quickly and cheaply.
(1) down payment ::
nkwụnye ego izizi
(2) payment terms ::
payment okwu
(3) payment method ::
ụzọ nkwụnye ụgwọ
(4) advance payment ::
tupu ugwo
(5) terms of payment ::
okwu nke ịkwụ ụgwọ
(6) make payment ::
(7) payment in advance ::
payment tupu
(8) method of payment ::
usoro nke ịkwụ ụgwọ
(9) monthly payment ::
kwa ọnwa ụgwọ
(10) cash payment ::
ego ugwo
1. graft ::
2. bribe ::
3. gift ::
4. payola ::
6. baksheesh ::
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