English to Igbo Meaning of jump - awụlikwa elu

Jump :
awụlikwa elu

awụlikwa elu, itu ukwu, ibiaghachi, amaba, eruda, ofufe, uko, na-eji aga, ibikwa, ogologo-awụlikwa elu

itu ukwu, awụlikwa elu, okuku, ka na-awụlikwa elu, ọsọ, gbagote, ịtụsi, bilie, igba, etu ọnụ menacingly, ichegbuwe onwe, nsogbu oge, jijiji, ekweta, dị, nkwenye, dozie, mmalite, gafere, amaba, eruda

ima elujumpedjumpilyjumpingjumpsjumpy
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Definitions of jump in English
Noun(1) a sudden and decisive increase(2) an abrupt transition(3) (film(4) a sudden involuntary movement(5) descent with a parachute(6) the act of jumping; propelling yourself off the ground
Verb(1) move forward by leaps and bounds(2) move or jump suddenly, as if in surprise or alarm(3) make a sudden physical attack on(4) increase suddenly and significantly(5) be highly noticeable(6) enter eagerly into(7) rise in rank or status(8) jump down from an elevated point(9) run off or leave the rails(10) jump from an airplane and descend with a parachute(11) cause to jump or leap(12) start (a car engine whose battery is dead(13) bypass(14) pass abruptly from one state or topic to another(15) go back and forth; swing back and forth between two states or conditions
Examples of jump in English
(1) If the next movement is a jump or a pointe step off both feet, the dancer will keep her weight equally on the balls of both feet.(2) The State has seen a massive jump in cases of the sexually transmitted infection Chlamydia.(3) There's the co-star, intent on doing his own stunts, who ends up the victim of an unfortunate mishap involving a jump from a twenty-foot ledge.(4) a jump to four indicates support for responder's suit(5) It is true, of course, that when the nation's industrial capacity is all being used, a sudden jump in military spending will create inflation.(6) But her eyes had hardly adapted to the darkness when a new shock made her jump .(7) The earnings of gold-mining companies should jump if the price of gold rises.(8) They seemed to be climbing higher and higher and then there was a thump and the horse and rider galloped away from the jump and through the yellow and red flags that marked the end of the course.(9) A loud clang from several feet away made her jump .(10) Visa says it saw a 26 percent jump in online spending.(11) At this point, I still had feelings for him and I really had to fight myself not to just jump back into a relationship with him.(12) Nicki, who has previously completed a parachute jump in aid of the hospital, lost her first son to the same disease when he was just six days old.(13) From there the scenes jump between the guys in a beach house in Alexandria and their female counterparts back in Cairo.(14) During an argument over which settler had the right to jump the land claim of an Indiana lumber company, Coleman shot Dow in the back.(15) Closing her eyes, she took a small, sudden jump and was surprised when her feet landed firmly on the ground.(16) She has already proved herself to be fearless after performing a parachute jump for the charity last year.
Related Phrases of jump
(1) to jump ::
na-awụlikwa elu
(2) jump up ::
awụlikwa elu
(3) jump in ::
ima elu na
(4) high jump ::
elu-awụlikwa elu
(5) long jump ::
ogologo-awụlikwa elu
(6) jump off ::
(7) jump to ::
na-awụlikwa elu ka
(8) jump out ::
awụlikwa elu
(9) jump over ::
(10) jump rope ::
awụlikwa elu eriri
1. leap ::
itu ukwu
2. rise ::
3. start ::
6. leap ::
itu ukwu
8. rise ::
9. start ::
10. accept eagerly ::
anabata atụsi
11. rock ::
12. assault ::
13. climb up ::
ịrị elu
14. jump-start ::
na-awụlikwa elu-mmalite
15. chute ::
16. jump out ::
awụlikwa elu
17. alternate ::
18. skip over ::
19. derail ::
1. crawl ::
iri ari
2. creep ::
3. poke ::
Different Forms
jump, jumped, jumpily, jumping, jumps, jumpy
Word Example from TV Shows
Feel free to jump in.

Feel free to JUMP in. "Hmm" is all I got.

The Big Bang Theory Season 10, Episode 15

He does five months
picking up litter
in an orange jump suit.

He does five months picking up litter in an orange JUMP suit.

Breaking Bad Season 2, Episode 8

I don't think either of us
are eager to jump into bed
with another Tuco.

I don't think either of us are eager to JUMP into bed with another Tuco.

Breaking Bad Season 2, Episode 5

If I told you to jump off
the bridge of the Enterprise,

If I told you to JUMP off the bridge of the Enterprise,

The Big Bang Theory Season 5, Episode 20

- Wait, is anything gonna jump out of that?
- No, I already asked.

- Wait, is anything gonna JUMP out of that? - No, I already asked.

The Big Bang Theory Season 10, Episode 18

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