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Ignoble :

ọjọọ, ala, pụtara, awụkwa akpata oyi, ọzọ, ihere, eleda ụmụ nwaanyị, ala-ala

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Definitions of ignoble in English
Adjective(1) completely lacking nobility in character or quality or purpose(2) not of the nobility, or ungentle
Examples of ignoble in English
(1) He loves to cite historical accounts of how she maintained her regal bearing to the end, how even her detractors reported that, on her ignoble cart ride to the guillotine, ÔÇÿshe was never more of a queen.ÔÇÖ(2) First in an ignoble line was the East India Company, set up by British merchant adventurers and granted the Royal Charter of Queen Elizabeth I in 1600.(3) All right, Tarzan has no black characters, not even servants, neither noble nor ignoble savages.(4) All it requires is following the example of some of their more ignoble predecessors - the Dixiecrats.(5) The vicarious emotions that the accounts of the trial provoked range from the honourable, through the ignoble to the thoroughly perverse.(6) There can be little doubt that Head's noble savage existed as a conceptual foil for Europe's ignoble civilization.(7) For we recognize that the powers made possible by biomedical science can be used for non-therapeutic or ignoble purposes, serving ends that range from the frivolous and disquieting to the offensive and pernicious.(8) A combination of Julius Caesar, Bertold Brecht, Benito Mussolini and Huey Long biopic it is a masterful novel, an in depth portrait of the struggles even ignoble politicians face and a meditation on the price of politics.(9) It's pretty ignoble stuff but the author attempts to redeem himself 12 years later when he goes to live with the actress and her two children, including a daughter from another relationship.(10) Pink or brown, time to break with an ignoble past, and that includes breaking with reptile-brained reactions to differences in skin-melanin content or epicanthic eyelid folds.(11) Somehow, over the past decade, the duty to protect open government has been nudged aside by another, more ignoble purpose: the desire to bestow political favors.(12) He will be remembered as a gentleman of the game, a man who played to win but never stooped to ignoble or dishonourable depths.(13) Yesterday she had been so vilely common and ignoble ÔǪ almost as if she had no regard for any lifeÔǪ any life save his.(14) Yerby's characterization of Fancy is, therefore, ironic, emphasizing the ignoble origins of most Southerners.(15) Live life for God and our motives are no longer mercenary, and our life is not founded on an ignoble base.(16) Circumstances might occasion modification of the principles, but there was nothing ignoble in the tradition of beginning with strong prima facie respect for inherited wisdom and being cautious in departing from it.
Related Phrases of ignoble
(1) ignoble ::
1. dishonorable ::
2. unworthy ::
-erughị eru
3. base ::
4. shameful ::
5. contemptible ::
6. despicable ::
7. dastardly ::
8. vile ::
9. degenerate ::
mebiri emebi
10. shabby ::
11. sordid ::
awụkwa akpata oyi
12. mean ::
13. improper ::
ezighị ezi
14. unprincipled ::
aghara aghara
15. discreditable ::
16. humble ::
umeala n'obi
17. low ::
18. lowly ::
enweghị ka ọ hà
19. common ::
20. plebeian ::
1. aristocratic ::
oké ozu
2. genteel ::
3. gentle ::
4. grand ::
5. great ::
6. high ::
7. lofty ::
dị elu
8. noble ::
Different Forms
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