English to Igbo Meaning of flying - na-efe efe

Flying :
na-efe efe

na-efe efe, ofufe, ụgbọ elu, nku, efegharị, na-arị elu, iza, Ihọd, mgbapụ, ọduọ, na-agba ọsọ, N'ezie, asacha

na-efe efe, efe n'elu, bubatara, amaghị aha, agba ọsọ ndụ, ịsa, na-agba ọsọ, ọduọ, egosipụta, gbapụ ọsọ, ugbu a

efe efenonflying
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Definitions of flying in English
Noun(1) an instance of traveling by air
Verb(1) travel through the air; be airborne(2) move quickly or suddenly(3) operate an airplane(4) transport by aeroplane(5) cause to fly or float(6) be dispersed or disseminated(7) change quickly from one emotional state to another(8) pass away rapidly(9) travel in an airplane(10) display in the air or cause to float(11) run away quickly(12) travel over (an area of land or sea(13) hit a fly(14) decrease rapidly and disappear
Adjective(1) moving swiftly(2) hurried and brief
Examples of flying in English
(1) Several hostages were injured by flying glass.(2) He may not know a flying drop kick from a toehold, but he created the opening salvo in a soon to be exploitation standard.(3) Mark dodged a flying kick and tripped the second guard.(4) A total of 31 soldiers were wounded, mostly by debris and flying glass.(5) The primary risks in these injuries are being caught in the machine or being struck by flying objects.(6) A Bald Eagle called Alaska swooped in on a flying visit and certainly attracted plenty of attention among the surprised shoppers on O'Connell Street.(7) Without private flying in Namibia, the supply of Namibian commercial pilots will soon dry up and stop, he said.(8) Randall ducked under the flying tackle and heaved a pass 60 yards off his back foot.(9) Finally Billy was knocked to the mats by a flying kick.(10) She immediately ran out of her room and took a flying leap at the intruder.(11) None of us ever considered such flying to be unusual or hazardous, although of course it was.(12) The only problem is the amount of flying ants about at the moment - only had to pick one out of the tagliatelle though.(13) When he was five feet away, he jumped into a flying kick.(14) This also includes such environments as deep sea diving, solo flying , and Antarctic overwintering.(15) There is, for example, a set of food dishes in the stylized shape of flying plovers, their wings glazed a deep green.(16) Residents said at least five civilians were also wounded by flying debris.
Related Phrases of flying
(1) fly ::
(2) flying saucer ::
na-efe efe saucer
(3) flying high ::
na-efe efe elu
(4) flying away ::
na-efe efe laa
(5) flying fish ::
na-efe efe azụ
(6) flying machine ::
na-efe efe igwe
(7) flying fox ::
na-efe efe nkịta ọhịa
(8) flying colors ::
na-efe efe na agba
(9) flying squirrel ::
na-efe efe osa
(10) flying kiss ::
na-efe efe nsusu ọnụ
1. winged ::
nwere nku
2. brief ::
3. fast ::
ngwa ngwa
4. flight ::
ụgbọ elu
5. travel through the air ::
njem site ikuku
8. pilot ::
9. display ::
10. flutter ::
11. go quickly ::
gaa ngwa ngwa
12. vaporize ::
14. wing ::
15. fell ::
16. aviate ::
1. deliberate ::
kpachaara anya
Different Forms
flying, nonflying
Word Example from TV Shows
...to work at the Thinkatorium by
telepathically-controlled flying dolphins?

...to work at the Thinkatorium by telepathically-controlled FLYING dolphins?

The Big Bang Theory Season 4, Episode 9

Sailors saw him flying over the Black
Cliffs three days ago, my Queen.

Sailors saw him FLYING over the Black Cliffs three days ago, my Queen.

Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 10

We're in the middle of flying kites.

We're in the middle of FLYING kites.

The Big Bang Theory Season 3, Episode 6

Yeah, I know.
I'm flying out tomorrow.

Yeah, I know. I'm FLYING out tomorrow.

The Big Bang Theory Season 12, Episode 22

At the count of three,
we execute the flying scissor.

At the count of three, we execute the FLYING scissor.

The Big Bang Theory Season 3, Episode 6

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