English to Igbo Meaning of fine - mma

Fine :

mma, ntaramahụhụ, ịtụfu, agwụcha, ẹkụre, njedebe, ọgwụgwụ, okè, n'ikpeazụ

mma, amata, tisaa, nụchaa, mkpa, itughari, warara, ka obere, ọcha, nyo

mma, aghụghọ, siri, atọkwa, nghọta, ntakiri, kacha mma, magburu onwe, mara mma, na-atọ ụtọ, nụchara anụcha, obere, akụkọ, ngosi, mmezi, ọma-na-do, gịrịgịrị, warara, mkpa, dị ọcha, ezi obi, ọmarịcha, ikenyeneke mbiet, ezi, enweghị ntụpọ, idi ocha, gbanwee, maa mma, obi ụtọ, nsọpụrụ, nke a ụdị, nkọ, nkecha, nke dị oké mkpa, oké, kwesiri ngosi, ịrịba ama, ihe kwesịrị ịrịba ama, pụtara ìhè, ịhụ anya, ọhụrụ, ziri ezi, ịkpọpu, kapịrị ọnụ, abami, nwere ezi, mma n'anya, ọcha, akọ

mma, juputara, ezigbo, nke ukwuu

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Definitions of fine in English
Noun(1) money extracted as a penalty
Verb(1) issue a ticket or a fine to as a penalty
Adjective(1) being satisfactory or in satisfactory condition(2) minutely precise especially in differences in meaning(3) thin in thickness or diameter(4) characterized by elegance or refinement or accomplishment(5) of textures that are smooth to the touch or substances consisting of relatively small particles(6) free from impurities; having a high or specified degree of purity
Adverb(1) an expression of agreement normally occurring at the beginning of a sentence(2) in a delicate manner
Examples of fine in English
(1) Tiny, tiny fine hairs on her cheek and upper lip caught the red sun; her whole face shimmered.(2) These are, nevertheless, still reasonably fine fabrics and much finer than some of the cloth some of the public expect us to be wearing.(3) This is probably the best place in the world to buy fine silk as quality is high and prices are surprisingly reasonable.(4) Dust and fine sand particles tend to cling to the surface of the skin, especially in the folds and in between the toes and fingers.(5) Color a few fine pieces for subtle highlights, or create chunkier pieces for a more dramatic look.(6) She is pretty, and a fine actress, but as a femme-fatale figure, she seems too sweet, and the film's themes are too thin.(7) They have one of their fine Gold Dots of the same weight and also a 325 gr.(8) Mezzo Janet Campbell doesn't have a large voice, but she is one fine singer and musician.(9) now's a fine time to tell me!(10) It had a selection of top-notch artisan products and fine wines, in addition to its bigger industries.(11) There is no update, he says, other than adding that his health is fine .(12) In all his life, Peter had never seen any fabric so fine or so intricately woven.(13) By the time I finished grade school, my sense of dark, black humor had been honed to a fine point.(14) The Minister complimented the Health Committee on its fine , very thorough work on the bill.(15) The judge explained to him at an early stage that he was being asked to fine him or commit him to prison.(16) Iraq is also famous for its carpets, woven from fine threads in brilliant colors.
Related Phrases of fine
(1) very fine ::
(2) be fine ::
abụ ezi
(3) fine arts ::
ezi nkà
(4) fine art ::
ezi art
(5) a fine ::
a mma
(6) feel fine ::
na-eche ezi
(7) pay a fine ::
ịkwụ ụgwọ a mma
(8) parking fine ::
adọba ụgbọala mma
1. excellent ::
magburu onwe
2. worthy ::
3. all right ::
ọ dị mma
4. in good health ::
ezi ahụ ike
5. fair ::
6. impressive ::
7. elegant ::
8. keen ::
9. delicate ::
10. thin ::
11. sharp ::
12. sheer ::
13. fine-grained ::
14. intricate ::
mgbagwoju anya
15. subtle ::
16. elevated ::
17. discerning ::
19. well ::
24. penalize ::
25. ticket ::
Different Forms
fine, fined, finely, fineness, fines, fining
Word Example from TV Shows
Yeah, I'm... I'm fine.

Yeah, I'm... I'm FINE. Okay.

Breaking Bad Season 2, Episode 10

Fine, fine.

Fine, FINE.

Money Heist Season 1, Episode 7

- Would you like to share a cab?
- That would be fine.

- Would you like to share a cab? - That would be FINE.

The Big Bang Theory Season 10, Episode 1



The Big Bang Theory Season 2, Episode 7



Money Heist Season 1, Episode 4

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