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Blabber :
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Definitions of blabber in English
Noun(1) one who reveals confidential information in return for money
Verb(1) speak (about unimportant matters
Examples of blabber in English
(1) She was becoming tired of this girl and her nothingness blabber about how she would kill Maeve.(2) annoyed by their endless blabber(3) The occasional smorgasbord of blabber and non-news will continue to torture us, but that horrid and sordid story will struggle for space now in a sporting world gone pigskin mad.(4) Last night, the news show blabber suggested that the powerfully moving hug between the government official and the mother of the fallen Marine, was staged.(5) Trying to recall how to address someone not a septuagenarian, I issued some standard there-there-everything's all-right blabber .(6) the obsequious blabber of her servants(7) Instead he just made some intelligent statements, and let his boss blabber on and on repeating himself endlessly.(8) Most yoga and meditation groups speak of them, along with other esoteric blabber such as the raising of kundalini, opening of chakras, and other things which no one has actually experienced.(9) Anyway, now that I'm done with my blast of blabber , I will let you read chapter ten.(10) Romeo and Juliet is definitely unrealistic in my opinion, but I will stop now, otherwise I will just blabber on about why I think it's not too good.(11) But she'd been reading cheap romance novels purchased from the bookstore next door, so when she started spouting unrealistic blabber about needs and desires I ignored her.(12) Rick, the wonderful little blabber he is, had told his new friends about the swimming hole.(13) the blabber wastes his own time, and the listener's time(14) Tucking her money into her pocket, she exited her house, glad to be rid of Leonie's blabber about her beautiful sister and handsome Warren.(15) Everyone stared, expecting her to go on, blabber on, but she didn't.(16) Marketing drives much of the blabber about blubber, and the best way to hook a mass audience is to make a diet plan as simplistic and one-dimensional as possible.
(1) biyearly ::
(2) yearly ::
kwa afọ
(3) bi ::
1. informer ::
3. rat ::
5. blab ::
6. piffle ::
7. palaver ::
8. prattle ::
9. gabble ::
10. prate ::
11. gibber ::
12. chatter ::
13. twaddle ::
14. tattle ::
15. clack ::
16. tittle-tattle ::
17. maunder ::
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What blabber means in Igbo, blabber meaning in Igbo, blabber definition, examples and pronunciation of blabber in Igbo language.

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